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CHIRON Health & Performance

The “Multidisciplinary Physiotherapy Centre” by Gaia Di Laura Frattura CHIRON Health & Performance is a landmark for physical recovery and cutting-edge physiotherapy

Located inside the prestigious sports facility of the "Cavalieri di Colombo" in Rome, the CHIRON center was designed to offer excellent physiotherapy services to professional athletes and amateur sportspeople, with the aim of extending the benefits of the methodologies and technologies used in the world of sport to users and patients of all ages.

Thanks to experiences that Gaia Di Laura Frattura has consolidated during a career dedicated to the well-being and health of patients, the CHIRON center can boast prestigious collaborations with multinationals of health as INDIBA who identified one in Gaia trainer of international standing to whom to entrust the ACTIV and DEEP CARE sectors for his best positioning in Italy.

More exclusive and strategic partnerships with leading companies in their sectors such as, LASERIX PROCYBER SABOTSMICROGATEBIOTEKNA, through the relevant research and development departments, allow a despite cutting-edge use of innovative technologies and instruments scientifically validated to the benefit of the entire population and not just the sporting community.

For this reason CHIRON is able to propose solutions for prevention and post-injury recovery but also specific treatment paths as in CRP project.

CRP Project:
Cure, Rehabilitate and Prevent

In a world characterized by a variety of clinical and sporting needs, CHIRON's goal is to provide solutions that are suitable for each of them.

CRP therefore represents a scientific vision of musculoskeletal health, with a special focus on tissue care and sports performance.


The treatment of tissues and musculoskeletal pathologies is at the center of our commitment. Through personalized and exclusive treatments, thanks to advanced technologies and dosimetric treatment paths, we constantly work to improve the health and quality of life of our patients.

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Rehabilitation is essential for recovery after injuries and surgeries. With a approach based on scientific evidence and active involvement of patients, we help them regain correct functionality and live an active life.



Prevention is the pillar for a healthy and pain-free life. Through personalized programs and an educational approach, we teach patients to prevent injuries and optimize sports performance at any level.

CHIRON, thanks also to the synergy started with FISIOSPORT ITALIA, can provide patients with a spectrum of constantly evolving services, in order to find the most appropriate solutions from the child to the "super adult" through precise personalized protocols and above all validated by the scientific community

The CRP path therefore represents, within the CHIRON project, a constant commitment to improve the quality of life of patients through excellent physiotherapy

It's an opportunity to live pain-free, regain functionality and get the most out of your physical activities.

The goal of CHIRON

The target of the first CHIRON center in Italy is based on make this advanced approach accessible to all, extending prevention, performance, rehabilitation, and treatment protocols across appropriately modulated interventions not only to athletes, but also to every individual regardless of age group or sport practiced

In pursuing this ambitious goal CHIRON means promote an active and healthy lifestyle, where the "prediction" of a possible musculoskeletal or postural problem can allow a central role in active prevention. 

The real challenge will be to identify possible problems in advance which could occur to athletes while carrying out competitive activities and to less active subjects due to an excessive sedentary lifestyle.

A new healthcare paradigm where advanced solutions become accessible to all, thus contributing to shaping a community aware of the true meaning of prevention and maintenance of one's psycho-physical well-being and, if necessary, the recovery of optimal condition or athletic performance.

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