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Our Vision is to consider physical exercise the most powerful ally for maintaining health.
It is an indispensable medicine for the well-being of every individual.
We trust that prediction and prevention can improve treatment and performance processes.
Identifying the right dosage of the protocols while respecting the psycho-physical state of each subject is ours Mission.

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About us

CHIRON Health & Performance

The “Multidisciplinary Physiotherapy Centre” CHIRON Health & Performance is a landmark for physical recovery and cutting-edge physiotherapy

Located inside the prestigious sports facility of the "Cavalieri di Colombo" in Rome, the CHIRON center was designed to offer excellent physiotherapy services to professional athletes and amateur sportspeople, with the aim of extending the benefits of the methodologies and technologies used in the world of sport to users and patients of all ages.

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The importance of Physiological, Functional and Postural Assessments

With the terms physiological evaluationfunctional evaluation And postural assessment one is meant sequence of interventions of clinical and instrumental detection where i sector professionals have as their primary objective that of understand the physiological state, the motor behavior of each individual and the postural asset, at any age, detecting postures or attitudes defined as incorrect, sometimes unconscious, compensatory or protective, to be able to correct and modify them later with the final aim of improving movement, and consequently health, making it qualitatively effective and efficient.


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